Delicious Vegan and Gluten-free Banana Blondie with Chocolate Chips

My journey with food preparation started in my early teenagers. However actually, it had not been so much about food preparation right at the beginning. It was everything about baking. I liked testing recipes of cakes I tried somewhere. I likewise had a couple of favorite ones I baked regularly. That is why it is hard for me to envision never ever consuming cakes. Nonetheless, I know that cakes, in general, are much better for your palate than your midsection. So I attempt to examine out much healthier dishes where ordinary white flour is replaced by wholemeal or by almond flour. Preferably, I likewise swap butter for healthy and balanced oil (e.g., rapeseed, though it does not always work because of its strong odor). I in addition always attempt to use less sugar.

Therefore I was ecstatic when time ago I discovered a blondie recipe that called for neither butter neither flour. I immediately recognized I would certainly have to bake it. However I intended to attempt and prepare a vegan * version of it, so I had to make some modifications. That is why I, as an example, used maple syrup and Resources coconut cream. (However if you are not vegan, you might effectively make use of honey and also yoghurt). The Banana Blondie ended up great: moist, fudgy and delicious.

I know you might be skeptical regarding cakes without eggs, normal flour or butter. As well as I agree that they taste a little different. But "various" doesn't suggest poor. So also if you are among the people assuming that vegan cakes are not really for you as they are "too healthy and balanced," I believe you will be perfectly amazed. I can inform you that before I also included this Banana Blondie recipe on my blog, I currently had to share it with my relative that is not vegan. She simply liked it a lot.

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